“ This independent movie, that is of clear conceptual approach, addresses the silting of Sepetiba Bay with the story of a fisherman João and his wife Isaura.

Due to the environmental belligerence, João is forced to take his boat farther and farther to fish, which irreversibly affects the relationship with his wife. In a movie with nearly no dialogue, in which time and nature are also protagonists, Eveline and Oswaldo offer us an environmental drama without sinking in politically correct truistic speech, with an own poetic and images that make us reflect on how the forced imbalance with nature affects our lives directly or indirectly.”

Ricardo Cota, critics from the newspaper “O DIA“ .

Press Book ENGLISH





Sinopse:  A fisherman promises his young wife to bring her all the fish in the world if she stops to undo the crochet and do it again. He is forced to go further in search of fish.

Increasingly lonely, she continues to crochet with the belief the threads will bring him back. João returns with extravagant gifts from the sea, until one day he disappears on the horizon. Amid environmental degradation, abandoned boats looming on the shores, like a huge cemetery of a rare beauty and Isaura still waits for João.


Further Away, an independent film that through little dialogue and two characters depicts a process that happens anywhere in the world – environmental and relationships degradation. It´s a contemplative film that naturally guides Isaura to keep walking in her dogged pursuit of João, between empty and abandoned boats looming as a big cemetery of rare beauty. A long crochet builds the narrative that connects her with nature and with her missing husband, João – the fisherman, who rises as a myth.

IMS – MOREIRA SALLES INSTITUT –  Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brasil. Avant Premiere – 18th December, 2014;

18ª Film Festival of Tiradentes, Minas Gerais/Brasil – 30th January, 2015;

“Meetings with Brazilian Cinema” – selected by curator of Semaine de la Critique of Cannes Film Festival, Charles Tesson and Diana Sanchez, responsible for Latin Film of Toronto Festival, at ANCINE´s Program
Exclusive Screenings at Cultural Center of Bank of Brazil / Rio de Janeiro/RJ : For Charles Tesson – Semaine de la Critique- Cannes Film Festival – 27th January/ 2015 For Diana Sanchez – Toronto Film Festival – 4th to 6th June/2015

3rd FBCI- Brasil Festival of International Cinema (Honorable Mention: “Our Planet”Section), Rio de Janeiro/RJ/ Brasil – 22nd August, 2015

17ª Kinoarte Cinema Festival – “Brasil Section”, Londrina/ Brasil – 18th September, 2015;

13 ª edição do FestCINE AMAZÔNIA / Porto Velho – 15 de OUTUBRO de 2015.

Multicidade – Internacional Women Festival in Performing Arts (Films)
Rio de Janeiro – 5th November, 2015.

Art Bioskop (Art Cinema)  Kolarac Foundation  / Belgrad, Serbia – 26th  January, 2016;

Directed by: Eveline Costa and Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi
Cast: Fernando Alves Pinto, Branca Messina and Neila Tavares
Screenplay: Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi
Director of Photography: Luís Abramo
Photographer Assistant: Walfried Weismann
Editing: Diana Vasconcellos
Continuist: Maria Elisa Freire
Production Designer: Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi
Props: Patricia Barreto
Costume Designer: Simone Aquino
Assistant Costume Designer: Marcela Poloni and Renato Paschoal
Costumes: Fátima Felix
Make Up and Hair Designer: Marina Beltrão
Set Make Up: Fábio Yamasaki
Sound Editing: Maria Muricy
Colorist: Paulo M. Andrade
Mixage: Vinicius Leal
Original Music by: Thiago Trajano
Guitar: Thiago Trajano
Violoncello: Luciano Corrêa
Accordion: Priscilla Azevedo
Incidental Music: Jarbas de Castro
Fernando Moura
Still: Bruno Abadias e Rafael Ski Carvalho
Production Manager: Pedro Diniz
Location Manager: Emanuele Borba
1ª Director Assistant: Aline Guerra
2ª: Director Assistant: Sara Soares
Camera Assistant: Bruno Abadias
Editing Assistant: Bruno Abadias and Pedro Salim
Logger: Gustavo Orlando
Sound Location: Alexandre Bonfim
Boom Operator: Rafael Ski Carvalho
Production Assistant: Marcelo Wagner Berto
Production Secretary: Akiê Taniguti
Art Assistant: Vanessa Lopes
Art Trainee: Emanuelle Borba
Crochet: Gloria Lioi Fonseca
Tide and Fishing Consultant: Alexandre da Conceição
Boatman: Júlio Rosa
Driver: Daniel Lopes
Executive Production: Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi and Eveline Costa
Produced by: Carla Belletti and Eveline Costa
Production Company: Sequência Filmes and Kadiwéu Cinema
Distribuition: Sequência Filmes

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